ACLIMA: Lars Monsen Femunden


Lars Monsen Femunden

Design: Aclima Product Development Team
Category: Apparel
Product material:
Interlock: 100% wool (Merino)
Rib: 96% Wool (Merino), 4% Elastane
Jacquard: 100% wool (Merino)


The new Aclima Lars Monsen Femunden collection is yet another stroke of genius mutually developed by Aclima and Norwegian outdoor legend Lars Monsen. Inspirations stems from Norway’s third largest lake, which has been part of Lars Monsen’s many wilderness adventures. Developed together with the outdoor legend Lars Monsen himself.


The polo has rib knitted sides for better fit. The breast pocket is a nice, large heat pocket with zipper. It also offers straps for compass and other equipment. It also has external loops which makes it easier to hang the clothes up for drying. The longs are made with double fabric in the back, on the inside of legs and knees. It has an elastic band with wool lining in the waist, and rib knitted sides for better fit. Additionally, it has external loops which make it easier to hang the clothes up for drying.


This is a high quality and functional product for use in the outdoors and as an everyday multi-function garment.


Aclima is an ISO 14001-certified company. All products are made to the Oeko-Tex 100 standard, and the Merino wool is ZQrx-certified. All Aclima products are made in Northern Europe. The Lars Monsen Femunden are made in as much Merino wool as possible and the materials are chosen for maximum utilization. The wool is biodegradable, as the fibres are made of proteins, which is consumed by insects and microbes Aclima also encourge customers to repair or to pass the product on to new users.


The jacquard knitted panels are showing a map of Lake Femunden and a compass to show the way to Lars Monsens cabin.

Available in stores: Fall 2022
Recommended retail price: €140 (Polo), €130 (Longs)