ACLIMA: LeisureWool ReBorn

Aclima LeisureWool ReBorn


LeisureWool ReBorn

Design: Aclima
Category: Apparel
Product material: Woven fabric: 70% Wool (recycled Merino wool) and 30% Polyamide (recycled, GRS-certified)
Product weight: 110 g/m2 (fabric weight)


LeisureWool ReBorn is the first Aclima shirt made from 100% recycled materials. The wool they have used to produce this shirt has been ‘reborn’ by shredding leftover fabric from their own sewing factory, Aclima Baltic in Valga, Estonia. These fibres have been spun into a new yarn made from 70% recycled Merino wool and 30% recycled polyamide. Aclima have paid particular attention to all the details: the buttons are made from coconut shells and the sewing thread is made from recycled polyester. The shirt is highly durable and comfortable with functional details such as the two chest pockets, darts at back for better movement and reinforced shoulders. The shirt is made in loose fit for optimal movability.


The fabric is developed together with Pontetorto and Omega Filati, in Prato, Italy. Cut offs from their own production in Aclima Baltic in Estonia was sorted according to colour and sent to Prato for recycling. Omega Filati has recycled the cut offs to yarn, and Pontetorto has woven the material. 70% is wool (recycled Merino) and 30% is polyamide (recycled). Several trials were made, starting with pure wool, then adding recycled polyamide to find a blend that was strong and functional for both production and end use. The wool is not re-dyed, the colours are a result of combining the cut offs, and the melange effect is from the polyamide added.


A classic timeless outdoor shirt with durable functionality and multipurpose use. The ReBorn shirt has a soft and cozy appearance and the properties of a technical mid-layer. In addition, the shirt is ideal as a light outer layer on warmer days.


Recycled Merino wool from cut offs from Aclima’s production, re-use of leftover materials. Products that have function and purpose, and a long field test period to ensure quality. Timeless design and products with long lives and much wear.

Available in stores: August 2021
Recommended retail price: 185€