ACLIMA: LightWool 140 Trail Tee


LightWool 140 Trail Tee

Product USP

A lightweight, soft garment made of 100% merino wool, ideal for daily wear and various outdoor activities.

Primary innovation features: 

Aclima has created a versatile t-shirt for all activities. Designed with the user in mind, it features seamless underarm construction for ultimate comfort. Combining overlock and flatlock seams to enhance durability, fit and comfort.

Made from 100% soft, light merino wool (17.3 microns), this garment is perfect for high, medium, and low activity levels, as well as everyday wear. It’s a versatile piece where functionality meets comfort.

Intended specific end use:

Introducing the ultimate all-in-one t-shirt, seamlessly transitioning from work to outdoor adventures. Perfect for hiking, trail running, cycling, or just enjoying nature right after work without the need to change.

End of use strategy:

Since the fabric used in this product is made from 100% wool, the garment would be relatively uncomplicated to recycle at the end of its life. Even though seams and labels are not made of wool, those are possible to eliminate by cutting them off, which will leave pure wool material that is easy to shred and use for spinning new yarn. This is already something that Aclima does with fabric cut-offs from our production waste, within our ReBorn concept. Aclimas Italian partners who process the wool waste are also experts in sorting and processing used wool garments.
In the future, Aclima sees great potential in projects of collecting used-up wool garments and recycling the fabrics to make new material and products. Especially in Europe, thanks to EU’s new legislations that are in line with the Green Deal and Textile Sustainability Strategy.

Fun facts or backstory:

Aclima supplies clothing to soldiers from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland featuring our WoolNet and LightWool products, under the Nordic Combat Uniform (NCU) agreement.

So far Aclima has sold 325 000 LightWool t-shirts to the NCU for the four Nordic countries, following a successful user trial. During this trial, 150 soldiers tested the garments over a 6-month period before Aclima secured the contract.

Designed by: Aclima
Product material: 100% Wool (Merino)
Weight: 96g Small Women, 120g Medium Men
Available in stores: Spring 2025
Recommended retail price: 100€

ACLIMA: LightWool 140 Trail Tee
ACLIMA: LightWool 140 Trail Tee
ACLIMA: LightWool 140 Trail Tee