ACLIMA: Reborn lumber jacket


Reborn lumber jacket

Discover this adaptable, all-in-one wool lumber jacket. Not just another layer, this jacket stands out due to its distinctive design, using upcycled wool remnants from the Aclima Estonian production facility.


This jacket is woven from upcycled wool remnants right from the Aclima factory in Estonia. In choosing to recycle their own wool, they minimize the ecological footprint associated with fresh wool production and bypass the water and chemical-intensive dyeing process altogether.

At a time when many lumber jackets are a mix of polyester and cotton, Aclima are pushing the envelope by highlighting wool’s inherent superiority. Their recycled wool blend brings warmth, resilience, and versatility. With six purpose-built pockets, ranging from hand-warmers to buttoned chest pockets with flaps, this jacket is truly in a league of its own. Additional touches include fabric pieces from their ReBorn shirts beneath the collar and inside pockets, ensuring minimal waste.


Whether channeling the spirit of yesteryear’s lumberjacks in the forest or sipping coffee by a campfire, this lumber jacket is your perfect companion. Beyond the great outdoors, it’s a stylish addition to your everyday ensemble.

Design: Aclima
Product material:70% Wool recycled, 30% Polyamide recycled (GRS certified)
Product weight: 756 g (men M), 632 g (women S)
Available in stores: October 2024
Recommended retail price: €340

Aclima Reborn lumber jacket