ACLIMA: Streamwool





The new Aclima StreamWool collection present a new reversible crewneck top and long pants. One side has a unique ‘stream-like’ face due to its special, layered knit style. The other side is a soft-to-touch flat-knit. Combining these around the core of the fabric creates hollow streamlined “channels” that traps air and offers additional warmth.


When wearing the garment with the flat-knit next to skin you will feel warm and comfortable. If you need more insulation, simply turn the garment inside out and get the benefit of additional loft next to skin due to the special ‘Stream’ ottoman knit. The knit is carefully placed in accordance with body mapping, designed to secure insulation in the most crucial and exposed areas of your body. Aclima have chosen to use their interlock system to strategically prevent wear and rubbing.


A perfect set for cold and harsh conditions and for any outdoor activity that demands high level of insulation and comfort. Ideal for skiing, expeditions, running and winter basecamp activities.


Aclima has Oeko-Tex 100 certification in all garments. The wool is biodegradable, as the fibres are made of proteins, which is consumed by insects and microbes. Aclima is an ISO-14001 certified company. The Merino wool is ZQ-certified. All Aclima products are made in northern Europe. The SteamWool is a multi-use product that allows the user to wear their product in many ways for many different activities.


After countless months of research and feedback from their outdoor ambassadors Aclima discovered the need for more modular and flexible products. If a product is multi-functional it will increase its value, as it allows the user to wear their product in many ways for many different activities and purposes. There is an advantage to the user if the product itself can cover a variety of different uses and provide different degrees of warmness depending on how the user wears it.

Design: Aclima
Product material: Ottoman wool fabric in 99% merino wool and 1% elastane. Interlock 100% merino wool. Wool rib 96% merino wool and 4% elastane. Single jersey 93% merino wool and 7% elastane (Longs).
Product weight: 410 g (Ws S Crewneck), 314 g (Ws XS Longs)

Available in stores: Sep 2023
Recommended retail price: €135 (crewneck/longs)

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