BERGANS OF NORWAY: bergans.future.labs 05.B Anorak

bergans.future.labs 05.B Anorak


bergans.future.labs 05.B Anorak

Design: bergans.future.labs
Category: Apparel
Product material: Spinnova/tencel/cotton/wood (olive)
(The fabric is woven on an organic cotton warp as there does not yet exist enough Spinnova yarn to make an industrially sized warp beam)
Product weight: 600 g (XS) / 700 g (L)

Statement from the jury:

Last winter the jury gave the Sustainability Award to the future.labs 05.A backpack, an urban style backpack made from fully sustainable and circular Spinnova material. With the 05.B Anorak the proof is in the pudding. The material – a mix of Spinnova fibres, Tencel and Organic Cotton – is lovely to touch and the jacket itself looks great. To make the fabric water resistant, it is treated with a traditional Halley Stevensons wax that does not compromise the circularity of the anorak. Re-waxing can be done by the consumer as needed. Bergans has taken the concept of circularity to the next level.


A fully circular anorak with a fully circular business model.


The world’s first jacket with Spinnova materials – including materials recycled (post-consumer) from last year’s “The Collection of Tomorrow” backpacks. Fully recyclable into new Spinnova materials without any disassembly.

The anorak is part of “The Collection of Tomorrow”, an experiment into circular business models with emphasis on the value of resources. Owners of existing “Collection of Tomorrow” products can return their product for recycling and only pay for the manufacturing of the anorak (as they have already paid for the material). The “Collection of Tomorrow” is a collaboration of bergans.future.labs – Bergans of Norway’s innovation lab and Spinnova, and this is their third product.


Outdoor and urban activities.


100% recyclable into Spinnova resource stream. Spinnova technology is still under development, but preliminary tests show increase in performance after recycling

Spinnova fibre is classified as natural paper fibre (not man-made). The Spinnova technology is mechanical and uses no harsh chemicals (as opposed to viscose/lyocell/tencel). Only by-product of the fibre process is evaporated water (which is collected and re-used). The fabric is treated with a traditional wax from Halley Stevensons and can be re-waxed by the consumer as needed. The wax does not break the circularity of the product. The anorak will be made as one dyed colorway and one completely undyed colorway.

Although not mono-material from a manufacturing side, this product is mono-material where it matters the most – from the recycling side. The anorak can be recycled without disassembly into new Spinnova material without the use of harsh chemicals.

As part of “The Collection of Tomorrow”, the Anorak is priced as 200€ in materials and 150€ in manufacturing. Owners of existing “Collection of Tomorrow” products can return their products at the end of their life to bergans.future.labs where they will be recycled into new Spinnova material. Having already paid for the material, the Anorak price will be similarly reduced.

Available in stores: February 2021
Recommended retail price: 350€