BERGANS OF NORWAY: Ulstein Wool Hood Jacket


Ulstein Wool Hood Jacket

Design: Kristian Gravseth
Category: Apparel


A jacket made with 100% recycled polyester and with reduced production waste in the production. Highly comfortable and insulating material, as well as fast drying, low weight and great wicking abilities. Highly versatile in use.


The combination of 100% Merino wool on the outside and 100% recycled polyester at backer in soft and stretchy technical knit, create a unique comfortable garment both for activity and relaxation. The wool offers extra warmness, odor control and the ability to keep warm when damp. The recycled polyester makes it faster drying, lighter and better wicking. This mix in a stretchy technical fleece with brushed air wrapping soft face at inside offers all the essential needs for versatile mid layer. Cut lines are kept to a minimum to reduce production waste.


Versatile warming mid layer during all season for activity in colder days or cozy favorite in front of the fireside as the warming layer when out hiking/skiing.


Designed and developed to repair and for easy change of zippers and trimmings if necessary. Bergans are constantly replacing trimmings and materials with recycled options.

On the Ulstein Jacket they have had extra focus on the right placement of the seams to avoid unnecessary and too early wear and tear. Bergans are using Merino wool combined with recycled polyester as well as recycled trimmings.

Bergans has established its own return program for used clothing and equipment in its home market Norway, with the aim to re-sell, redesign or – as the last alternative – recycle these used garments.


A lot of attention at Bergans was given to balancing a functional fit with a casual look. Also, the hood took some time to complete. Both the patterning, but also deciding on when the hood would be too big and “in the hood” style. "It’s amazing how much of a fit session can be spent on the hood since everybody have their own opinion on hoods!"


50% Wool (Merino), 47% Polyester (Recycled) and 3% Elastane

Product weight: 520 g (Men’s L) / 470 g (Woman’s M)
Available in stores: March 2021
Recommended retail price: 180