Y LightLine Air 3L Shell Jacket

Design: Thea Holo
Category: Apparel
Product material: Fabric 3-layer material; 100% recycled Polyamide face fabric, high performance membrane and 100% recycled Polyamide backing. BegaMembrane Breathe PRO™: hydrophilic type of membrane combined with lightweight fabric. Waterproof (water column: min. 20 000  mm), windproof and extreme breathable. Using recycled raw material for this fabric: energy savings: >75% GHG emission savings + waste water reduction 84% (compared to virgin polyamide). The product contains Bluesign approved and trimmings.
Product weight: 277 g (Men) / 229 g (Women)


• Extremely breathable fabric
• Minimalistic design with only the essentials needed
• Weight VS function and durability
• Good protection of the slightly stiffened brim and due to the channel inside front of brim that keeps it in place. Adjustment at back and front of hood for best fit .
• Lengthened detail at top of cuff for extra protection.
• Chest pocket in mesh for usage as ventilation if needed.
• Drainage under CF zip for extra water protection.
• Pocket in pocket for your phone with key hook to keep belongings in place.
• Pre adjusted bottom and cuff hem.


Design/Performance/Lightness/Sustainability in combination.

The Y LightLine is the new Bergans top-level product line designed for rapid mountain hikes and high-output outdoor activities which covers larger distances and a large span in altitude. By using ultra-lightweight materials that offers extra ordinary breathability and first-class comfort, these products are built to delight the experienced outdoor fan who seeks maximum performance in the fewest kilograms possible. 

Y LightLine Air 3L Shell Jacket is the only shell product in the range. With a minimalistic design and optimized functions this jacket is the perfect jacket to keep in the backpack as a security in case of sudden weather changes.

By combining recycled material with minimalistic, clean design and reduction of any unnecessary details, functions, and cutlines, Bergans move towards a more sustainable future without compromising on looks and functionality. 


Higher pulse, short to mid hikes, very good breathability, comfort, less is more. As a protective shell garment that takes up almost no space and weight in the backpack on high tempo hikes.


Less details, means less factors than can break and effect the functionality of the fabric and the garment. Here Bergans have evaluated every detail and trimming to see if it has the right function and purpose for this product. Is the weight worth the function has always been the question.

Using 100 % recycled raw material (from production waste) for this fabric, both on outer layer as well as backing, reduces the environmental impact of fabric production more than 75% reduced GHG emission and a wastewater reduction of 84% compared to use of virgin polyamide. Bergans have also worked a lot together with their inhouse repair department to make sure to avoid week points on the garments and used design that is easy to repair if something should happen to the garment. 

The circular economy approach for Bergans products includes several consumers faced services like Rental, Repair, product Return and Re-sales as well as a Redesign program – all named “Long live the Product”. 

Bergans offers a product-take-back system for all our customers in the Norwegian market. Products are either re-sold, donated to charity or the material will be used and re-purposed for our re-design products or taken back into a recycling loop where possible. Even if this product is not 100 % mono-material Bergans work towards limiting the amount of different raw materials. Since this jacket avoids any unnecessary details, these won’t interfere with any recycling options.

Available in stores: February 2022
Recommended retail price: 300 €