BERGANS OF NORWAY: /Y MountainLine 40 Daypack

Bergans /y-mountainline 40 daypack


/Y MountainLine 40 Daypack


/Y MountainLine 40 Daypack is an advanced, lightweight and robust all-mountain pack designed with a special attention towards versatility and adaptability. The world’s first backpack to utilize Safeback’s SBX avalanche safety technology. ”One pack for (almost) all your mountain adventures”.


Experienced mountain people don’t need a closet full of backpacks. But a few that they can depend on to deliver in all situations. A rugged, customizable, lightweight daypack that can be shrunk to a minimum or expanded to a fully rigged avalanche pack. It takes two minutes to add the avalanche system. The world’s first backpack to utilize Safeback’s SBX technology – a groundbreaking invention designed to provide breathable air to a buried avalanche victim.


All mountain activities. All conditions. All year.


In a world where over-consumption is ripe and outdoor gear hoarding is common, this pack is a go-to carry solution that can prevent people from buying a huge number of more specialized backpacks. Each material is carefully selected for its durability and longevity. “Long live the Product” is the name of the Bergans circular economy approach which includes services like Rental, Repair, product Return and Re-sales as well as a Redesign collection.


Designed in a ”less – but better” philosophy; this pack sheds all the ”usual” clutter in favor of clean, strong solutions. Paradoxically, a less featured pack makes it even more versatile and, the ability to re-rig the pack to the task at hand creates stronger awareness of which features you actually use. Materials and colors are understated at distance, but the touch is premium and the performance of these materials is extraordinary good. The resulting product is a joy to use and Bergans found that their staff have been fighting over the prototypes – using them for everything from commute packs to ”family at the beach” pack to multi-day mountain trips.

Design: Bergans of Norway
Product material: The main fabric is the most prominent factor in this pack. Bergans spent 2.5 years together with their partners Dong Jin and DSM Dyneema, developing a perfectly balanced ripstop fabric. Made with a blend of carefully selected Invista Cordura and Black Dyneema yarns, a perfect combination of low weight and high tear-and abrasion resistance.
Product weight: 1224 g (but can be stripped down to 666 g)

Available in stores: Fall 2023
Recommended retail price: €260 for the backpack + €340 for the Safeback option

BERGANS OF NORWAY: /Y MountainLine 40 Daypack -front
BERGANS OF NORWAY: /Y MountainLine 40 Daypack -back
BERGANS OF NORWAY: /Y MountainLine 40 Daypack - avalanche