Design: Cake
Category: Hardware/Technology
Product weight: 85 kg

The Cake Ösa is not a typical outdoor product, but the electric motorbike will allow outdoor enthusiasts to transport themselves and their gear with low carbon footprint and live more sustainable both in the outdoors and in everyday life. In its product category, Cake Ösa really stands out, offering an efficient, silent electric drive and conscious material choices for circularity, marking suggestions for recycling on each part of the bike. In addition, the lightweight construction of the Cake bikes leads to lower energy consumption than regular motorbikes. The jury praised the outstanding design of the Ösa.


An electric and modular utility commuter with off-road capabilities and integrated power station. 

CAKE is a Swedish electric bike company born out of a passion for gravity sports, and on a mission to develop the highest performance electric two-wheelers with the mission, to inspire and contribute to accelerating towards the zero-emission society, combing excitement with responsibility. 


Ösa is a clean and efficient moped with off-road capabilities. The Ösa, apart from being a light, clean and quiet electric motorcycle, derives from the diversity of work and differentiated needs together with the urge to serve for new means of transportation, towards a zero emission future. The working bench, around since ever, to serve people making things, is the inspiration to the uni-bar, clamp-on, off-the-grid system, constituting the Ösa.

A dramatic reduction in weight, compared to a regular combustion bike, enables snappy and lively rides. 

The fact that it’s almost completely silent boosts the riding experience and serves for the absolute presence and focus while out exploring. It also enhances the level of respect towards our surroundings and those sharing the space.

Clean, electric energy has numerous advantages. The fact that there’s no pollution or fumes and that the bike can be charged with renewable energy through the lifetime of the bike, is true evidence of sustainability. Since there are no fluids, grease, gasoline or oil, the bike doesn’t suck up dirt like a magnet, meaning it’s more like a bicycle.


Off the grid independence. Thanks to the powerful battery with multiple outlets, it is a power station on wheels, taking the rider to wherever to execute, independently of the grid. 

The electric drivetrain makes riding more accessible for everyone regardless of their physical condition and experience. Everyone can comfortably handle the bike.


Transportation is one of the environmental melt downs, where combustion vehicles are being replaced by electric, where gasoline and diesel are being banned and cars will be gone from the city streets.

1. A modular design system with a single beam running across the bike to customize the bike according to a variety of transportation needs. Results in effortless attachment of accessories; the minimal and multi-purpose design leading to less space taken, less weight, less material extraction and use, and less environmental impacts.

2. The battery serves as an ”off the grid” power station to charge various tools, electronic equipment, etc. This solution provides a multipurpose use for the vehicle during use phase.

3. Specially designed tires called Trail Savers. These tires have specially designed tread patterns to reduce the footprint that the tires leave on the ground. When riding off-road in nature, it is important to not disturb the surroundings and to experience the outside with respect to the species whom we share it with. They also support the high torque produced and give excellent traction.

4. All CAKE bikes have the possibility of being charged using solar panels.

5. The bike is so designed that convection cools down the electronics and the motor, thus eliminating the need for a coolant system.

6 The bike is designed so that it is easily dismantled/disassembled. This will help in segregating the components and materials for recycling. The batteries are designated to be either used by the customer as a mobile charge bank or will be returned by the consumer and given a second life with various other business solutions. Aluminium is the metal most used on the bike and will be completely recycled. The grade of Al used on all parts are noted and marked and will be used during disposal phase of the bike, so as to obtain purity during recycling. Also, much of the other plastic and rubber parts will be recycled or used as energy source for recycling purposes.


The story behind the name? Ösa, derives from the CAKE carpenter and craftsman named Ösa. Ösa has been a part of our journey since day one building the first CAKE track, wooden ramps, and much more.
A guy worth honoring.

Available in stores: 2021
Recommended retail price: 7500 €