DEVOLD OF NORWAY: Keipen Merino Shirt

Devold of Norway Keipen Merino Shirt


Keipen Merino Shirt

Design: Christine Haraldstad-Sindum
Category: Apparel
Product material: 100% Merino wool in 19 micron


Keipen Merino Shirt is an ultra-soft knitted and felted wool-shirt in 100% Merino fabric – developed in Norway, Ålesund, and knitted in the Devold factory in Lithuania. It is a perfect midlayer for hiking or other outdoor activities, as it generates warmth, yet it has great ventilation abilities. The coconut buttons in front are easy to open and you can easily regulate the temperature. There is a smart open chest pocket, and good cuffs around the wrists. The shirt is loose fitted and adds room for your favorite Devold wool-baselayer when the temperature requires it.


This shirt is all about the fabric. Devold have developed a 100% Merino fabric that is knitted, then washed, then added the abrasion to the surface, in order to give the fabric the felted quality. It is a 19 micron wool fiber, which means it is a soft as an underwear. The fabric is light and warm, it has a natural chemical stretch and the millions of microscopic air-pockets that exists naturally in the wool, makes the shirt extremely warm, and has extraordinary abilities to insulate. The idea was to develop a shirt that is fully made of natural fibers. That is why there is no external labels made from petroleum-based products, only embroideries. And the buttons are made of coconut.


The shirt is developed as a midlayer for longer or shorter hikes when the temperature drops. The ability to generate warmth, the insulation and ventilation properties in the fabric gives the explorer a better chance to maintain a more even body temperature. The fit is loose and roomy enough to fit a Devold baselayer underneath the shirt, when the wildlife requires it.


Devold is constantly aiming for a more sustainable way of living, and a more circular economy. That is why they are constantly pushing the boundaries for what is possible to do with wool. In general, the rule of Devold is that NONE of their products should ever consist of less than 50% wool. Today they are 84% natural and only use a few synthetic materials, exclusively to increase the durability of the garment. Devold continuously work to replace synthetic fibers with natural and degradable fibers.

The Keipen Merino Shirt is as compostable as possible at the moment. All the Devold products are Oekotex approved.


The product development team in Devold has been dreaming (and working) on developing a wool-shirt for several seasons. They have searched for a suitable wool fabric from other fabric-suppliers for a long time, without really being fully satisfied. But then, finally, and almost by coincidence, they managed to make their own shirt fabric in 100% Merino! And they are so proud of it – as this is exactly what they were dreaming of all the time.

Available in stores: August 2022
Recommended retail price: €200

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