Cooler CFX325

Design: Dometic Design
Category: Hardware
Product material: PP body, aluminium handles, electronics
Product weight: 12,7 kg


The ultimate powered cooler – live without boundaries.


The Dometic CFX3 range of products are the ultimate powered coolers in 7 different sizes from 25 to 100L capacity. The product nominated is their newest addition to the family, the 25 liter version. The state-of-the-art VMSO3 power optimization in combination with the 3-stage dynamic battery protection system maximizes cooling efficiency, while the Active Gasket Technology ensures that cold is trapped inside the unit. With efficient refrigeration and freezing capabilities, it’s assured that the food is safely stored on constant temperature. The CFX3’s rugged ExoFrame is built from a lightweight thermoformed plastic shell combined with structural insulation for tough outdoor use. Controlled and monitored by a new High-Resolution Color Display and powerful mobile app, the CFX3 will allow for further distance, longer stays, and more experience.


The Dometic CXF3 25 gives control of the outdoor experiences like never before. On-road, off-road, outback or in the backyard, the ordinary and extraordinary adventures will be fueled by safer food, less waste and more confidence, giving the power to be present in any moment.


Dometic are building their products to last, thus they have created CFX3 as one of the world’s most energy efficient mobile coolers to date, thanks to the VMSO3 technology continuously optimizing compressor speed and energy consumption and the Active Gasket technology making sure that the cold is captured in the box. CFX3 has 30% less components compared to its predecessor that both affect weight and amount of materials used in CFX325. 

As a pioneer in the mobile living arena, Dometic are committed to driving sustainability in their market. That means decreasing their environmental footprint, improving resource-efficiency, providing a diverse and inclusive workplace and ensuring business practices meet the highest ethical standards. 


Developed for 3 years, finetuned through 6 design directions, and 200+ design concepts. To ensure longevity and durability, Dometic drop-tested the box from 1.5 meter, filled with load, on a concrete floor – result: a tiny scratch.

Available in stores: January 2021
Recommended retail price: 749 €