FABPATCH LTD: Textile repair patch


Textile repair patch

Product USP

Ease of Use: FabPatch™ offers an extremely simple rub-on attachment method, enabling users to apply patches effortlessly on the go. The patches are highly customizable, allowing adjustments in size, shape, color, textile material and design. This flexibility enables brand partners to tailor the patches to their specific style and requirements, ensuring that the repair seamlessly integrates with the original item. It also gives the partners the added value of creative and circular economies to their standard business.

Primary innovation features: 

Rub-On Attachment Method: This innovative attachment technique allows patches to be applied easily without the need for heat or additional tools. It is designed to work effectively in all climates, making it universally accessible and simple to use, thus reducing barriers to DIY textile repair.

Customizability: FabPatch™ offers extensive customization options for their patches. Brand partners can select from various sizes, shapes, colors, textile materials, and designs. This feature ensures that each patch can be tailored to match the specific fabric and aesthetic needs of the repaired item, enhancing the visual appeal of repaired garments or gear.

Intended specific end use:

The intended specific end uses of the FabPatch™ textile repair patches are primarily focused on textile and apparel repair, with a broad range of applications such as clothing repairs and outdoor gear maintenance.

Fun facts or backstory:

Finnish Innovation: FabPatch™ originated in Finland, by Finnish mothers. The idea came about in an everyday phone call between the founders, who happened to be childhood friends, to find a solution for the genuine need for easy and modern repair for kids' clothing. Today, the textile repair patches can be applied to almost any textile and FabPatch has already sold almost 2 000 000 patches.

Designed by: Designed by Jetta Liukkonen, Anne Jurvelin-Pummila and Taija Sailio, the founders of the company.
Product material: 100% Recycled PES (Polyester): The patches are made from recycled polyester, the recycled PES used is GRS certified.
Vegan Materials (Except for Merino): The patches are mostly vegan, using materials that do not derive from animals, with the exception of options that include merino wool. Merino patches are mulesing free. Solvent-Free Adhesive.
Weight: 2 grams.
Available in stores: Now
Recommended retail price: 13,90€ to 29,90€.

FABPATCH LTD: Textile repair patch
FABPATCH LTD: Textile repair patch
FABPATCH LTD: Textile repair patch