HALTI: Cyclus Unisex Parka

Halti Cyclus Unisex Parka


Cyclus Unisex Parka


This is the world's first parka jacket to make use of both advanced Spinnova material and imogo’s sustainable dyeing technologies.


Through its timeless design, repairability and material choices, the jacket is designed to last for years or decades of use. The product has very few breakable parts, and buttons can be easily removed and repaired. By repairing the product as needed its lifespan can be extended even further. The product is made from a sustainable fabric that comprises of cotton and innovative, industry changing SPINNOVA® fibres. SPINNOVA® fibres - developed and produced by Finnish fibre technology innovator Spinnova - have a minimal environmental footprint by using renewable and certified raw materials, renewable energy, and by recycling heat and water in production.


All year around casual life in urban environment.
close to fibre production, we can utilize the good freshwater reserves in Finland and avoid transporting material with high water-content for long distances.

Design: Hanna Koivula
Product material: This product is made mainly from a fabric that uses three main materials: SPINNOVA® fibres, BCI-certified cotton fibres, and cotton fibres (exclusive of trims).
Product weight: 750g

Available in stores: Already available from www.halti.com
Recommended retail price: 399€


Halti Cyclus Unisex Parka
Halti Cyclus Unisex Parka