HALTI: Synkas 3in1 jacket


Synkas 3in1 jacket

Synkas Womens 3-in-1 jacket offers unbeatable combination to tackle windy, wet, and cold conditions. It comprises fully waterproof stylish shell jacket with DrymaxX® membrane to ensure technicality and Microtherm® insulated highly breathable layer jacket that can be worn alone. The insulated inner jacket has unique geometric quilting and two zipper pockets. Worn alone it is a feminine quilted jacket, great on dry, chilly days. Without zipped insulation layer Synkas 3in1 Jacket offers weather protection and relaxed fit. Attached together Synkas jackets work in colder and changing weathers. Synkas jacket is monomaterial products, which means the whole product is composed of a single material. This makes the garment easier to recycle back to raw material – and therefore reduces the use of virgin materials.


The jacket includes all technical features to work as an outdoor jacket but has the design of the fashion style. The hood and protective collar works nicely in every weather. Length and long zippers on sides makes this style protective but enables the wide movements.


The Synkas 3in1 Drymaxx Parka is designed and developed for various and changing weathers conditions. The 3-in-1 solution offers a lot of flexibility and adaptability, making the jacket a very versatile all-rounder for everyday use.

Design: Hanna Koivula from Halti design team
Product material:Shell jacket material is 45% recycled polyester and 55% polyester with TPE membrane laminated underneath. The insulation jacket material is 40% recycled polyester and 60% polyester with 100% recycled polyester wadding.
Product weight: 1500 g
Available in stores: August 2024
Recommended retail price: €399


HALTI: Synkas 3in1 jacket
HALTI: Synkas 3in1 jacket
HALTI: Synkas 3in1 jacket