Helle Nord




The Nord knife takes the concept of a Scandinavian all-purpose wilderness knife and brings it into the 21st century. Helle combines the weight, power and solidity of a big, full-tang camp knife and the versatility of a small knife, bringing together the best of two worlds into one product. From heavy camp use to delicate carving and food prep, the unique shape and balance handle achieved with a lengthened handle creates a grip and ergonomic functionality that enables a wider range of uses.


By working with and pushing the traditional shape and form, and moving the Helle mindset of balance between handle size and blade size the Nord knife maintains a mid-size blade with a heavy swing weight when using the knifes overall length. The uniquely shaped handle offers multiple grips enabling the user to work with many different tasks, both small and big. Held far to the pommel it becomes a tool for clearing brush around camp, preparing and processing wood for the fire. Held up close to the blade, the knife offers control and extraordinary cutting abilities for finer tasks.


This is a wilderness knife that can handle heavy and diverse use over time. Clearing brush and branches (if allowed), splitting firewood, carving, food prep and much more.


Full-tang design means that there is less chance of the Nord breaking under heavy use compared to stick-tang camp knives. It will therefore last longer. The core of Helle’s sustainability approach is to make quality products that last rather than focusing on maximizing volume. Helle also clearly focus on sustainability in the materials. At Helle they primarily work with natural materials – wood, leather and steel – that are sourced as locally as possible. Because they control all production steps and make all their models, they focus on maximizing the usage of all material that can be used for production.


Helle is one of the few brands still carrying the Scandinavian knife-making heritage forward by keeping all elements – design, production, marketing and sales – of the process in-house in their factory in Holmedal, Norway. The fact that they control all aspects of the production process makes them uniquely positioned to innovate based on classic craftsmanship. A product of more than three years of trial and error, Nord came about as a result of Helle’s desire to produce a Scandinavian camp knife in natural materials that would both withstand heavy use over time and can be passed down to the next generation as an heirloom as has been the Scandinavian tradition. Their point of departure was traditional Scandinavian camp knives which are very well balanced for their size. Helle wanted to pressure the balance and usability of these knives while adding more solidity, thus making them more long-lasting. The first few knives were released in the summer of 2022, and received fantastic feedback from the market and international press like for example Field & Stream. Helle is one of the few factories still carrying the Scandinavian knife-making heritage forward.

Design: Helle (chief designer: Anders Haglund)
Product material: Alleima (formerly Sandvik) 14C28N, curly birch wood, vulcanized fibre.
Product weight: 290 g

Available in stores: Summer 2022
Recommended retail price: €249.90


Helle Nord
Helle Nord