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The essence of Scandinavian knifemaking: Functional, Beautiful and Parsimonious. Made for the outdoors and with proved ability to last for generations.

Primary innovation features: 

When introduced in 1975, The Nying changed how Scandinavians thought about all-purpose knives. The designer Tor Indergaard looked at how most people would use their longer "tollekniv" at the time, and found that most people only used the inner third of the blade. To save material, gain better control, and improve usability, Indergaard halved the blade length and made the handle shorter and stouter. For materials, Helle chose its patented triple laminate stainless (H3LS) steel for the blade and curly birch for the handle. Both laminate steels and curly birch were common in custom knives at the time, but not associated with production knives. The result of these processes was a design classic. Since its inception, the Nying has been among Helle's best-selling model every year. Even 50 years later the Nying is noted for its peculiar and functional shape. The model today is based on the same design and material as it was 50 years ago, yet it still stands out in both Helle's catalogue of models and the outdoor knife world in general.

Intended specific end use:

An all-purpose Scandinavian Outdoor knife. Excels at woodwork, but functions well for anything you need a knife for when being Outdoor in Scandinavia. With a sheath that you can wrap around the end of your knife, the knife will be securely fastened on your belt for any walk in the forest or hike in the mountains.

Fun facts or backstory:

When it was 25 years, the Nying won the Classic Design award from the Norwegian Design Centre in 2000.
"Nying" - means "new one" in Norwegian, a pointer to it being something very new and innovative when it was launched.

Designed by: Tor Indergaard
Product material: Steel: Helle Triple Laminate Stainless (H3LS), Wood: Curly Birch. Leather: Vegetable tanned genuine leather.
Weight: 114 g
Available in stores: Year 1975
Recommended retail price: 102,9€

HELLE: Nying
HELLE: Nying
HELLE: Nying