HESTRA: Alpine Pro Mono Wool

Hestra alpine pro merino wool


Alpine Pro Mono Wool


Statement from the jury: The Swedish brand Hestra is known for its excellent gloves and the Army Leather Heli Ski glove and mitten is one of their iconic models. Taking this design and reworking it to be completely sustainable without losing its durability, function and comfort is a great achievement. The goatskin on the palm is chrome-free and undyed, the backhand is 100% recycled and undyed polyamide, and the accessories on the glove are 100% recycled nylon. The removable wool terry lining is also undyed. Hestra has made a lot of good choices in making a classic performance glove sustainable.

Design: Marianne Knutsson-Hall & Hestra Design Team
Product material: 100% post-industrial recycled polyamide backhand, chrome-free goatskin palm, 100% undyed wool terry removable liner, 100% recycled nylon accessories.
Product weight: 280 g (for a mid-size range)


An identical construction to one of Hestra’s most functional, durable and iconic alpine models receives a total material overhaul, to now feature a range of recycled, un-dyed and reduced impact materials. In natural, off-white colour.


Use of recycled, undyed materials in an identical construction as Hestra’s most iconic glove and mitten (Army Leather Heli Ski). 100% recycled and undyed polyamide backhand material, 100% recycled nylon accessories and chrome-free and undyed goatskin palm. Removable, undyed wool terry liners also improve versatility and enable longevity of the outer gloves.


Created for ambitious skiers and professional ski guides who need a reliable and durable, warm and water resistant, flexible and functional ski glove with excellent grip and feel for long days of snow and cold in remote alpine environments.


The backhand is made using an undyed, 100% recycled version of Hestra’s own polyamide material known as Triton, and is tested to be as durable as the original virgin material yet with a 23% reduction in CO2 emissions. Accessories like the wrist strap loop, snow lock and cordpuller are made of 100% recycled nylon. The palm is made using chrome-free, undyed and extremely durable goatskin sourced from a LWG Gold tannery. Removable wool liners can furthermore be exchanged depending on temperature or replaced at end of life to extend potential lifespan of the gloves and mittens.


Durability is at the core of Hestra’s design and sustainability ethos, so when looking for a recycled material to replace its virgin textiles only the toughest would do. Designer Marianne thought back on her 25 years working with the company and realized that she had never seen a pair of gloves where the polyamide material known as Triton had worn out. This, she thought, might make a good starting point for a recycled material that could potentially be used on many of their products. After receiving a sample, they tested it and found that it was just as durable as Triton made using virgin material. The question was then how to differentiate gloves made using recycled Triton and virgin Triton. A particular colour, perhaps? Then, another impact reduction opportunity dawned upon the team – colourless. The recycled Triton therefore comes in its natural, off-white colour.

Available in stores: FW 2023
Recommended retail price: €180


HESTRA: Alpine Pro Mono Wool Mitt
HESTRA: Alpine Pro Mono Wool - fingers
HESTRA: Alpine Pro Mono Wool