Järv RB9X

Product USP

Combining the two difficult things of, great performance and more sustainable materials in a high performance trail running shoe.

Primary innovation features: 

Focus have been on delivering a durable and high performance product in combination with pushing for more sustainable materials, and in this case a higher % of bio-based content. To create a running shoe that excels in the trails but also consider the nature that it will be used in, trying to continuously improve and make better products for the both the user and the environment.

The midsole is made with 55% Bio based Susterra (Industrial corn based) ETPU steam foam. Offering great rebound quality as well as reducing the use of non renewable resources. The midsole properties also lasts longer than that of ´normal´ EVA, making it feeling fresh longer and prolonging the usage time.

The upper is made with a Proweave upper textile with 45% Bio based PA 10.10. This is derived from castor beans, a fast growing plant that can grow in arid lands, not needing much water. The upper is made with a functional weaving technique where it has been possible to zone TPU threads to areas of more tear to ensure a durable upper that will last for a long usage time.

The rubber outsole is made with 23% Natural rubber that is FSC certified to prevent the risk of deforestation and also upholding forest communities rights.

Intended specific end use:

A competent running shoe for longer distances with amazing grip. Offering generous cushioning and rebound to increase the running feeling on mixed surfaces that you might be faced with when going on a longer trail running race.

Fun facts or backstory:

This running shoe was made together with a local female trail running group from start to finish. Identifying their needs and what they were missing on the market in terms of fit, performance and type of product. A great group of women that loves to run in the forest and have a passion for running.

Designed by: Mariell Bjuhr
Product material: Proweave upper textile with 45% bio based PA10.10
- Steam foam ETPU with 55% bio based Susterra
- 15% recycled rubber in the outsole
- 23% Natural rubber FSC certified
- 100% recycled polyester laces
- 70% recycled polyester in tongue textile
- 100% Recycled Polyester lining
Weight: 680g pair (US10)
Available in stores: Spring 2025
Recommended retail price: 159,95€