Jana Erb

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Name: Jana Erb
Company: KontraPixel
Title: Photographer
Country: Germany

Favorite outdoor activities
Favorite outdoor activities Hiking, climbing, backpacking, horseback riding and trail biking.

What’s your main contribution of being in the Jury do you think?
As an Outdoor and Adventure Photographer I spend a lot of time Outdoors with a lot of heavy equipment to carry under all possible conditions. Good Equipment makes my life so much easier and my backpack so much lighter! I have also been working at Globetrotter in Munich for 6 years, selling Backpacks, Sleepingbags, Shoes and Equipment for Kids. I have had a fair chance to see how the products changed and developed over time, and what the potential buyer wants and needs. I know what the key features of the equipment are, how a backpack carrying system works and the difference between a hiking and an alpine boot. Plus I love talking gear, developing new ideas and making outdoor gear a little more suitable for women adventurers.

Social Media: @kontrapixel

Website: kontrapixel.de
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