LEDX LIGHTS: Mamba G4 x-pand


Mamba G4 x-pand

LEDX Lights Mamba X-pand G4 puts out 4500 lumens for over 2 hrs and 5000 lumen in boost mode. It weigh only 125 grams which makes it in the absolute top when it comes to lumen to weight ratio. The X-pand reflector, developed by LEDX Lights, is one of a kind. It distributes light to your periphery view and your immediate vicinity. The spot lens illuminates far and the two diffusers smoothen the space in between. Mamba is compatible with a wide range of accessories and power options it can be used for many types of activities. It runs on LEDX li-ions batteries or with an external 12V DC power. It is made in Sweden and are built to be booth durable and repairable.


The Xpand technology, developed by LEDX, combined with a spot beam and diffusers gives you a feeling of being surronded by light.


The lamps are widely used in sports where the need for good lighting is critical, such as orienteering, skiing, MTB, enduro and similar. But it’s not only top athletes who demand super-strong lights. Working professionals, hunters and emergency service personnel have equally exacting requirements.

Design: LEDX Of Sweden, Head of Development Johannes Hörner Björk, founder Anders Johansson and a team of partners
Product material: -
Product weight: Lamp 125 g, headgear + lamp 192 g
Available in stores: August 2023
Recommended retail price: €327-€563 ex VAT


LEDX LIGHTS: Mamba G4 x-pand
LEDX LIGHTS: Mamba G4 x-pand
LEDX LIGHTS: Mamba G4 x-pand