Linda Åkerberg

Name: Linda Åkerberg
Company: Freelance, Wilderness Stories, Topo Travel
Title: Professional adventurer, Outdoor communicator & content creator. Mountain leader.
Country: Sweden

Favorite outdoor activities:
Favorite outdoor activities: Hiking, Kayaking, Nordic Backcountry skiing, sailing

What’s your main contribution of being in the Jury do you think?
During the years within the outdoor business, I have had the honor to test a lot of gear and clothes – but as an adventurer (with focus on long-distance) I also know what will work in the long term and what is just a fancy detail. Functionality, sustainability and innovation is what I look for (fancy details on top of that is off course a bonus!). And as a mountain leader I can also tell what products that are beneficial for people that don’t spend as much time in nature as I do. So “user friendliness” is also a feature that I will look for in the products we test.