Nate Axvig

Name: Leslie & Nate Axvig 
Company: Aktiv
Title: Owners
Country: United States

Favorite outdoor activities:
Downhill skiing (Leslie) Cross-country skiing (Nate), hiking, cycling, drinking wine or beer outside, outdoor concerts.

What’s your main contribution of being in the Jury do you think?
The origin story for our brand is as organic as it gets. Our family and moved to Oslo for additional legal education after we spent 17 years in the litigation trenches. As we lived in Norway we discovered: 1. Norwegians and Coloradans dress the same way, quasi-technical almost all the time. 2. The brands from Scandinavia make the best clothing in the world. When we returned to Colorado we decided to bring those clothes to the United States, first through a website ( and later to a store in the Denver Metro area. For the jury, we think our background will bring a fresh perspective to the review as we pick clothing for the store that is built well, is sustainable, technical but also at home with everyday wear.