Nicolas Jändel

Name: Nicolas Jändel
Company: Sportfack, Swedish b2b-magazine (since 1993)
Title: Editor in chief
Country: Sweden

Favorite outdoor activities:
Flyfishing, riding (islandic horses), hiking and ice skating.

What’s your main contribution of being in the Jury do you think?
Since it’s a big part of our job at Sportfack learning and understanding products and materials I think that this kind of experience can be of use for the jury process. And maybe also the fact that I´m used to look upon new stuff from a independent point of view. On a personal level I often find myself pendulate between two quite different opinions. At one hand I don’t think we need new gear at all, but on the other hand I just love products that helps me have a great outdoor experience. And nowadays when the sustainability factors takes much greater space, it’s really fun to follow the development within the industry.