NORDISK: Asgard eco – The first 100% Nature Based Tent

Nordisk Asgard eco


Asgard eco - The first 100% Nature Based Tent


Made from purely nature-based materials - all materials come from products you can find in nature. High comfort and functional design level. Can reintegrate into the ecosystem.


The goal for Nordisk was to create a sustainable tent solution, in which the tent can be a way to promote sustainable practices and reduce waste. Furthermore, Nordisk wanted to create a safer option for wildlife and the environment that does not leave harmful chemicals or materials behind.
The high comfort level makes Asgard eco an easy sustainable choice, which fosters a greater appreciation for nature. Thus, creating a greater impact on sustainable behavior than just the tent itself. Nordisk wanted to create a tent that essentially can be left in nature and reintegrated into nature's circular ecosystem.


The main purpose is leisure, spending time in nature and gatherings.

Design: Nordisk Company
Product material: Local organic Bamboo 3%, Locally harvested and processed organic Jute 44%, Locally grown, and harvested organic Sisal 2%, Organic and GOTS Hybrid fabric (EU hemp/cotton) 51%, Beach-harvested seashells >1%.
Product weight: Approximately 31.4kg

Available in stores: March 2024
Recommended retail price: 2000€

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