Reisa go

Product USP

Reisa Go is defined by the pioneering 'build-your-own' tent system, crafted for optimal customization and minimal environmental footprint. Tailor your camp by selecting only the components you need—be it for a solo adventure or a family retreat—ensuring every piece is utilized, and nothing goes to waste. This approach means you only pay for items you really need, and also aligns with our commitment to sustainability, as less production translates to less waste.

Primary innovation features: 

1.Modular Design: The unique 'build-your-own' system allows for tailored setups, ensuring that campers only carry what they need for each trip, reducing both cost and environmental impact.
2.Revolutionary Ventilation: Equipped with our exclusive 'Ceiling Flow' technology, Reisa Go offers unparalleled air control through massive, adjustable ventilation channels, enhancing comfort in all conditions.
3.Enhanced Structural Stability: The innovative triangular inner webbing system not only bolsters wind resistance but also optimizes interior space utilization, providing robust storage solutions and a more functional living area.

Intended specific end use:

Designed for 'comfort camping,' catering to families and small groups seeking a seamless blend of home-like comfort and the great outdoors. This tent is ideal for those who value space, convenience, and versatility during their outdoor excursions. Whether setting up for a weekend festival, a family holiday, or a serene getaway in nature, Reisa Go adapts to various environments and group sizes with its customizable components. Users can enjoy a personalized camping experience, tailored to their specific needs for space, privacy, and exposure to the elements.

Fun facts or backstory:

Reisa Go draws its spirit from a beloved classic -The Nordisk Reisa (4 and 6, respectively), a perennial favorite especially in Japan, where it has been embraced not just as a shelter but as a canvas for creativity. The high ceilings and spacious interiors of the old Reisa, have allowed Japanese campers to transform their tents into elaborate living rooms. Furnishing them with an array of decorative items and furniture, even for brief excursions, they turn camping into an art form of home-making in the wild.

Observing this unique use—where typically only one sleeping cabin is utilized, footprints often remain untouched, and additional tarps are almost invariably added— inspired Nordisk to innovate beyond the conventional tent bundle. Reisa Go is a response to the culture of customization, allowing every camper to craft their perfect setup from the ground up. By rethinking how tents are packaged and sold, we’re empowering users to make sustainable choices, buying only what they need, reducing waste, and enhancing their engagement with nature.

Designed by:Mads Busk
Product material:
Fabric: High-quality Recycled PU material
Technologies:- Ceiling Flow: Enhances ventilation and airflow control.
- Triangular Inner Webbings: Improves structural stability and wind resistance.
Weight: From 9.3kg.
Available in stores: Spring 2025
Recommended retail price: From 695€