ØYO: Vikingøks

Øyo Vikingøks



Design: Øyo/Norwegian Vikings, year 1000
Category: Hardware
Product material: Steel, ash wood and felt
Product weight: 500 g

Statement from the jury:

Produced by the Norwegian Øyo this small axe has the design of a 1000-year-old Norwegian Viking Axe hence the name Øyo Vikingøks. It measures a dainty 33 cm in length and it weighs a meager 545 grams, but the jury was surprised by the punch the Øyo Vikingøks delivers. “It chopped through large pieces of dried oak with great ease”, one jury member states. The axe head is made from hardwearing and durable forged steel and the shaft is crafted from ash. The curved shape of the shaft prevents the axe from slipping whether splitting small logs or cutting up kindling. Perfect for bushcraft, wild camps and bonfires at the seaside. The jury loves the price, too!


Making firewood and cutting branches. Low weight and practical to carry.


The axe head is formed for perfect cutting. The shaft is curved to give you a steady grip and better force when chopping.


The Viking Axe is a versatile and good-looking hobby axe that easily fits in a backpack. Fitted leather sheath is included for protection.


The product is very durable. The axe will never reach an end of use stage, since you can grind the edge and replace the shaft. The shaft is made of environmentally friendly ash.

The focus on product development enhance the importance of choosing sustainable materials. Øyo have over the past few years replaced red listed wood with sustainable alternatives. They focus on developing packaging that is a part of the product instead of something that will be thrown away. The focus on systematic integration of sustainability in their business starts with product development. This is a continuous journey – always looking for better solutions and more sustainable materials.

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