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ViralOff | Polygiene Technology

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Although this is not a typical outdoor-product, Polygiene ViralOff deserves the Overall Award because it can impact developments way beyond the outdoor- or even apparel business. ViralOff is a treatment that kills 99% of the current viruses in two hours within a textile. When used in the facemasks, it will make lives for all of us a lot safer since you do not need to wash masks as often anymore. ViralOff contains silver salts and is considered not harmful for humans or for the environment.


Up to 99% of viruses are killed in two hours on the treated textile.


Provide a hygienic functionality to the treated textile to keep clear of viruses for safer use and the ability of multiple wears without needing to wash or dispose of.

Polygiene is first and foremost the leader in sustainable stays fresh technologies and that is the DNA of the brand. However, with the current global pandemic of Covid-19 and the on-going risk of viruses that we will experience globally, Polygiene is proud to be able to supply their current partners with a new technology that will address the need to fight these deadly viruses.

ViralOff is focused mainly on accessory items where washing can be minimized and the need for an anti-viral technology is needed. Within 2 hours, over 99% of the viruses on the fabric that are ViralOff treated will diminish. This will allow a mask, gloves or other treated items to be used multiple times before needing to be washed. ViralOff is not a medical device and is not intended to prevent disease. Correct hygiene practice of hand washing as described by the CDC, should always be followed.


Anti-virus treatment/anti-microbial.


ViralOff is a return to Polygiene’s original roots which is when the SARS virus was prevalent in 2004. Since then, Polygiene has focused solely on the preservation and sustainability of apparel and getting consumers to wash less. With the new crisis of Covid-19, Polygiene has the ability to launch a technology to address this new virus. It is a separate line of Polygiene’s product offering and focus of sustainability but a major win for the health of the consumer.

Polygiene looks at the needs of the end user and then uses the most environmentally friendly and sustainable options available to address those problems.


Ingredient: silver salt

Product weight: Polygiene is a brand that provides a finish to the textile so it depends on the article being treated.
Available in stores: Today and around the globe

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