POLYVER SWEDEN: Classic Winter Boot

Polyver Sweden Classic Winter Boot


Classic Winter Boot


Statement from the jury: Insulated cold weather boots out of rubber-like materials are typical for Scandinavia: for walking, fishing, hunting etc. The Swedish label Polyver takes this concept in the Classic Winter Boot to the next level. Due to millions of tiny air bubbles in the new material called CLI Tech (Comfort, lightness and insulation), it insulates extremely well and keeps your feet toasty and dry. CLI Tech is also super durable and long lasting. After testing even jury members not being used to this kind of footwear were convinced of the functionality and comfort in this fair priced, made in Sweden Classic Winter Boot.

Design: Polyver Sweden
Category: Footwear
Product material: CLI Tech by Polyver Sweden


Comfort, lightness, insulation and waterproof.



  • Keeping your feet warm and dry no matter what nature throws at you
  • Proprietary CLI Tech material developed over 15 years with leading global PU supplier
  • CLI Tech - Comfort, lightness and insulation technology is the foundation of Polyver and is the secret ingredient of their success. The unique, advanced formula encapsulating millions of air bubbles, combined with the latest manufacturing technology, creates extreme insulation and lightness, while being waterproof.
  • Anatomic design to improve comfort
  • Materials tested down to -40C with 200K flexes
  • Self-cleaning sole design with improved grip
  • Lug on the back of the boot to assist with removal
  • Variable thickness walls to ensure you have the correct amount of protection where you need it most without building a bulky and heavy boot


Enjoying outdoors when the winter weather wants you to stay indoors. From snow mobile driving, fishing and hunting to strolling through the winter city. Whether you are a nature lover, a city dweller or just someone who appreciates comfortable boots and warm, dry feet we simply want you to enjoy outdoors - in whatever weather.


CLI Tech - a proprietary material that is long lasting and durable setting new standards and increasing the life cycle of the product. This not only reduces consumption but provides the opportunity for the products to be reused or passed on.

Surrounded by wilderness in Jämtland, Sweden sustainability issues are very important. That is why Polyver decided to keep their design, RnD, production and warehousing in one location. By doing so, they stay close to their markets, reduce transports and the carbon footprint.

The production is made in a closed circuit and they make sure that there is no waste. In fact, all the left-over material is re-used to warm homes in the region. Polyver also continue to invest in new technology, training and knowledge to continuously reduce the CO2 footprint.


The Classic Winter boot represents 15 years of customer feedback, testing and development to get to the final design. Swedish quality is primary to Polyver. They manufacture then test their products right outside their front door, in the heartland of the vast Swedish forests with clear lakes and snowy mountains. To them, there is no better place than Jämtland to manufacture their specialized PU-boots. The ambition is to offer the best warm winter boot possible to enjoy the outdoors. Not only for now, but for years to come.

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Polyver Sweden Classic Winter Boot