PRIMUS: Alika Stove


Alika Stove

Design: Eric Svartström
Category: Hardware
Product material:
Pot supports in black enameled steel
Control knobs in reinforced plastic
Sides in powdercoated aluminum
Lid and bottom in powdercoated steel
Handle made of webbing (Propylene)
Oak Laths on top of the lid to make the lid double as a serving platter
Stainless steel drip tray

Product weight: 4,7 kg


A removable lid makes the Alika Stove easy to cook on from all sides. Primus take sustainable social cooking to a new level by allowing for more than one chef. 


• Sourcing components from both EU and Sweden - close to their own factory in Estonia in order to decrease transports and emissions.
• Large cooking surface can easily handle 28 cm pots.
• Streamlined and compact for easy traveling.
• Two unique sized burners provide different flame options, allowing you to cook multiple pots or pans at different temperatures.
• Removable lid ensures the stove can be used 360̊, and doubles as a hot plate when disconnected.
• Designed to be carried with a lightweight and flexible webbing handle.
• Piezo ignition, no lighter required.
• Spring-action locking mechanism keeps the regulator in place.
• Removable stainless steel pot supports and drip tray for easy cleaning.


The Alika Stove is made for the group to enable social cooking in an easy way – the family or a group of friends. Primus want to open the door to, and talk about, shared experiences in the outdoors. This is a stove to use in the nearby park, in the boat, by the cabin or in the woods. Easy to bring along, big capacity for many people.


Primus have moved production back to Europe from China for the steel parts (main bulk of the product) for this product. Bio-based plastic in adjustment knobs etc (EcoPaxx). They use monomaterials in parts for easier recycling. FSC-certified oak for wooden splines. Primus also offer a wide range of replacement parts for when components wear out or get lost.

The Primus sustainability strategy is based on “The Fenix Way”.


Alika is a swahili word with dual meanings that translates into both ”offering someone something”, or ”share something”. It can also be translated to ”most beautiful”.

Available in stores: March 2022
Recommended retail price: 274,95 €