PRIMUS: ULTI Stove System 1.0L

Primus ULTI Stove System 1.0L


ULTI Stove System 1.0L


Wind-resistant Catalytic combustion and infrared radiation burner has no blue flame to be extinguished. Super compact - the legs fold under and into the burner base to lock in hose and valve into a compact unit. Very steady - disk burner with low center of gravity and sturdy legs can be used on a variety of ground cover and provides a stable cooking base. Versatile - remote canister hose system allows the fuel canister to be flipped upside down for use in colder weather.


ULTI Stove System is the most wind-resistant, stable standing, reliable and powerful cooking solution PRIMUS has ever made. With the goal to excel in even the harshest environments, this all-in-one system offers with its combination of catalytic combustion and infrared radiation the most reliable cooking solution for expedition chefs worldwide. This compact system easily holds everything needed to prepare a hot meal pretty much anywhere.


For cooking hot meals and drinks, melting snow, to get water - for people
who enter the extreme. no matter where, if in high-alpine areas, the jungle or dry desert expeditions.

Design: Primus
Product material: Aluminum, stainless steel, polyamide, metal foam and textile
Product weight: 600g

Available in stores: Mars 2024
Recommended retail price: 299-329€

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