REIMA: Muutun



Design: Jaana Largillet
Category: Kids
Product material: 100% polyester, also the lamination. The lining fabric is made of 45% recycled polyester, 55% virgin. Mono-material, made of one single material and 100% recyclable. Only the snaps and zip lock are metal, which will be recycled as metal.
Product weight: 500 g

STATEMENT FROM THE JURYStatement from the jury:

With the Muutun Jacket, Reima designed a waterproof and breathable kids jacket that is made from 100% polyester and because of this mono-material it is 100% recyclable. The metal snaps and zip lock are recyclable as metal. The Reima coat is stylish, has plentiful and comfortable pockets, with a zipped one for precious things. “I left it hanging out for 6 hours steady rainfall and the towel inside it never got damp”, one jury member states. Children are the future, we better keep them dry and comfortable.


Waterproof, breathable Reimatec jacket that’s 100% recyclable and contains recycled fibers. Classic high-quality all-weather wear designed to last from one kid to the next. This shell jacket has a bunch of incredibly clever details (such as the inner pocket with zip) that are sure to make it usable for the second, third, and umpteenth time.


The Muutun Jacket will turn into something else in the end after a very long life, because it is made from one single material, to be easily recycled.


Rainwear, sunny day wear, everyday wear. This shell jacket is usable all year round as a waterproof, breathable barrier against the elements.


Mono-material wear is built to last. Each garment has a unique ID that you can register at, to follow the item’s journey from one user to another and enable its takeback. Reima will help each new owner prolong its age. When the clothes are finally too worn out to protect from wind and rain, Reima will take them back to recycle them into something new (melting it back into polymers is the goal).

All Reima wear are non-toxic and safe to use. The water and dirt repellent finish Bionic-Finish ECO on this product is fluorocarbon free, and it contributes to a lower consumption of water, energy and detergent during the product life – plus saves parents’ time doing laundry.

Available in stores: August 2021
Recommended retail price: 129,95€

Reima Muutun