Design: Reima
Category: Kids
Product material: Xylitol Cool rec 155 g/m² (91% recycled PES, 9% EL)
Product weight: 100 g


Active kids need active clothes, so the Xylitol Cool Vilpo shirt works hard to keep them cool as they run, jump, score and more. The soft and stretchy Vilpo feels so nice, the young one won’t want to take it off – plus it protects them from the harmful rays of the sun. 


The cooling effect is based on safe, naturally occurring sweeteners, xylitol and erythritol, which absorb heat when they encounter body moisture. The material is UV-protective too, and the cooling effect will still be there even after 20 washes. The cooling sensation of Reima Xylitol Cool wear is much more than just a sensation – the skin’s surface temperature can drop between 1-3 degrees Celsius (1.8–5.4 degrees Fahrenheit).  

The fabric has a natural UPF of 40+, based on its structure only, without the addition of chemicals. Only 97% of the UVA/UVB radiation passes through, which in practice means kids can play outdoors 40 times longer than without protection. 


Kid’s t-shirt.


You might think Xylitol is just a sugar substitute for gum and candy. But it can also be made into a non-toxic, heat-beating fabric finish that we call Xylitol Cool. Reima created this sweet innovation to keep even the most active kids cool no matter how hot it gets. All Reima wear is non-toxic and follows the strictest limit values set on children’s wear. The cooling chemical provided by the Dutch firm Tanatex is also being used in adults’ sportswear. The products should be recycled via regular textile recycling (shredding to fibers). 


This material has been a super favourite in the Reima collection for years, because of its soft feel and the cool sensation against kids’ skin. Perfect active summer wear: easy to wash, quick to dry. Now they’ve finally managed to make it sustainable, too: all of the polyester is recycled, from post-consumer PET bottles! 

Available in stores: February 2022
Recommended retail price: 24,95