SASTA: Women’s Mella+ Jacket


Women’s Mella+ Jacket

Design: Martti Kellokumpu
Category: Apparel
Product material: 65% recycled polyester, 35% organic cotton


Providing plus-sized technical outdoor clothing, enabling an over-looked plus-sized user segment to better enjoy the outdoors.


Plus-sizing in technical outdoor clothing.


Different outdoor activities.


Sasta use their classic Q33 material (recycled polyester 65% /organic cotton 35%), which is durable and wears well against use and time. They have also focused on the functionality for a plus+ sized user, while keeping the design classic to provide the product with an extended lifespan. Before this consumer group has struggled with finding suitable clothing - often ending up in purchasing items that at the end of the day don’t function and end up being used only a few times before discarding, which has been a deterrent for them to truly enjoy the great outdoors. No harmful chemicals have been used in this garment. Sasta also provides a repair-service, since 1969 to extend to life of the garment.


Sasta were approached by outdoor enthusiasts who are plus-sized, as they felt they have been overlooked by the outdoor-industry, even though they represent a big target audience. They then designed a first pilot project catering to their specific needs for the clothing. Sasta were overwhelmed by the positive feedback when they launched the first outfit together with Scandinavian Outdoor Store last year and how grateful people were when they finally got technical outdoor clothing that were designed specifically for them. The sales have also been encouraging, based on which they are now launching plus-sized items in their own collection, of which the nominated Mella+ Jacket is one.

Available in stores: Spring/Summer 2022
Recommended retail price: 269