Seger Heat


Heat Thin/Mid

Design: Seger Europe (technology from Swedish Inuheat)
Category: Footwear
Product material:
Seger Heat Mid: 66% Recycled Polyamid, 28% Merino Wool, 3% Lycra, 3% Conductive Materials
Seger Heat Thin: 67% Recycled Polyamid, 27% Merino Wool, 3% Lycra, 3% Conductive Materials


The most advanced heated sock on the market helps enthusiasts enjoy their outdoor endeavors longer, with higher levels of comfort and heating control, and up to 14 hours of battery time.


• Sock features:
The active heating system is added without compromising the sock’s technical performance characteristics in any way. Around-the-toes heating zone for even, pleasing heat on the tops, sides and bottom of toe box area. The larger surface area of heating materials allows more overall heat to be delivered to warm the toes, but at a lower, safer temperature for the skin. The thin heating technology is seamlessly integrated into the sock with soft heating yarns knitted directly into the sock, for added comfort, visual appeal and durability. A yarn-based connector tape carries energy from the powerpack to the heating zone in a thin, flexible design that does not compromise wear comfort. The smart connector that attaches to the top of the sock contains a hidden NFC tag that instructs the powerpack specifically how to power the Seger socks for level 1 to 10 and high/medium/low heat.

• PowerPack (smart battery) features:
Sophisticated electronics maintain the heating wattage requested until the battery is exhausted. Competitive systems suffer from reducing heating power as the battery drains. The heating levels are easy to control with the large push button on the PowerPack, even wearing insulated gloves and pushing the button through thick pants. Tactile vibrator provides intuitive haptic feedback of the heat level when the PowerPack can’t be seen under pants and other clothing layers. Waterproof to 60 meters. Magnetic connectors to attach to the sock, with no power plugs or connection points that can fail.

• Mobile App Features:
Guaranteed heating time promise: Tell the app how long you need guaranteed heat, and the app helps set the highest power output that promises the battery will not die before the time requested. Ten (10) levels of heat granularity to find the optimal heat setting for the user. Heat boost features up to 5 minutes of an extra heat blast above high heat for quickly warming up your feet when putting on cold shoes. Motion control feature an optional feature that adjusts the heat levels automatically depending on your activity level – increasing the heat when in low or no-motion conditions and lowering the heat when active.


This product is mainly developed for outdoor activities in the style of alpine skiing and snowboarding but works at least as well for hunting or other activities that are practiced in cold conditions.


The sock is made in Sweden, a fossil-free factory that is operated 100% by certified wind power. Made of mulesing-free Merino wool and RecoNylon/Polyamides (Reco 100% recycled nylon from industrial textile waste). The production of their polyamide wire reduces the use of resources, such as water, chemicals and electricity, by an average of 89% compared with the production of ordinary polyamide.

Available in stores: Fall 2021
Recommended retail price: Sock 139€, Powerpack 129€