SUPERSTAINABLE: Holms outdoor 1/2 zip


Holms outdoor 1/2 zip

1. Made from recycled Scandinavian post-consumer waste yarns (first-mover made from recycled textile waste in Scandinavia). 2. Functional details (zippers and pockets, sleeve pocket). 3. Midlayer purpose for insulation.


Superstainable have developed the first programme, which this 1/2 zip is a part of, that uses recycled post-consumer waste textile from Scandinavia/Nordic. This is a breakthrough on innovation processes and is a part of the new focus in especially Denmark to recycle textile waste in all homes. This 1/2 could actually be your old hoodie transformed into something new. The yarn is supported by New Retex. According to the new EU legislations this 1/2 zip fullfill the future expectations to the textile industry.


Midlayer purpose and plain as a 1/2 zip for hikes and everyday use.

Design: Superstainable
Product material: 54% cotton/46% polyester 42% pre consumer/58% post consumer
Product weight: Approx 180-200 g/m2
Available in stores: Fall 2024
Recommended retail price: €119-€139