TRANGIA: Trangia Gas Burner

Trangia Gas Burner


Trangia Gas Burner


A high-quality gas burner designed to fit the Trangia stove is not a new invention, but a Trangia gas burner that is designed and produced in Sweden, is a first. The new gas burner will be produced in the small country village of Trångsviken, the home of Trangia, which is of great value for the Scandinavian outdoor industry and for the future development of the Scandinavian countryside. Trangia is currently manufacturing some of the parts for the existing burner. But with this new gas burner, Trangia will be in control of the entire process from manufacturing of parts to assembly, quality control and safety testing.


The innovation of this product is the holistic view in which both the local community and outdoor enthusiasts, can take advantage of high-quality products that are designed, manufactured, and marketed by the same company, in the same location. Removing unnecessary environmental and financial costs associated with shipping, quality, energy usage, potentially poor working conditions and environmental practices.


The intended specific end use does not differ from any of Trangia’s other products. Cooking and make delicious food outside.

Design: Trangia product development team: Joakim Wolgers, Jonas Dahlgren, Helena Fagerlund, Erika Olsson
Product material: Metal (Stainless steel, aluminum, brass, EcoPaxx, plastic, rubber)
Product weight: 180g

Available in stores: End of 2023
Recommended retail price: xxx

Trangia Gas Burner